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Frequently Asked Questions

WOW! I didn't realize it was this big!

You don't have to, although about 15% of our patrons think it's fun and come dressed up! Bottom line, dress comfortable for you, especially comfortable walking shoes.
Costume rental is available onsite.

As big as your imagination!

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival has 16 acres of village to explore. How big is that? One football field is about one acre, so the Village of Albright is about 16 football fields to play in (or more than six city blocks, the entire blocks)!

YES!  There are several food courts and many food booths at each food court, each booth with its own variety.

We can accomodate many special dietary needs, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and picky-kid.


YES!  ABSOLUTELY! We encourage you to take pictures, AND to share them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, and with all of your friends and whoever you want to make jealous. 

It's a conditional yes!  Most handheld weapons of the era are welcome and encouraged.

However (and here's the condition), all weapons must be safe!  That usually means they should be "peace-tied,"  and any sharp edges covered. We have the supplies and tools to peace-tie most weapons of the era, and will be glad to assist you at the front gate.  Functional firearms are not permitted, except for pre-arranged demonstrations. 

Can I bring my animal to the Renaissance Festival?


Legitimately certified service animals are welcome, and appreciated; However: the presence of a dog in the joust arena could be “disruptive” to the falconry show, or near the aviary would cause the animals on display to “behave aggressively or become agitated.” The ADA Title III Sec.36.302-303 & 309 allows for these exemptions to service animal access.  Basically dogs are NOT allowed to approach the Aviary, they could unintentionally threaten the raptors, including any endangered species present. Even licensed service animals are not allowed to approach confined/tethered raptors that are licensed by the federal government (it can cause the animals to harm themselves, as they try to escape, the historically carnivorous animal).

To make it simple for everyone we request those watching the falconry show with any animal stay near the gravel road during the falconry demonstration.  This is both a safe distance for the birds and allows full view of the birds in flight. Most raptors/birds will naturally fear large dogs and may see little ones as food. We request service animals avoid the raptor display/aviary at all times, for the safety of our raptors and the service animal.  We will accommodate those with a service animal to view the raptor display without their animal (if you are in need of additional assistance for any reason, please notify first aid, security, or any drink booth of your needs).

Note: Small falcons don't fly near big dogs. All of our raptors are very fast carnivores, and they see little animals as food.  Anything smaller than 30 pounds may be seen as food by these extremely fast raptors/carnivores.

All professional entertainers are compensated for their performance;
You are encouraged to tip if you think their performance was above and beyond, or if you want to show particular appreciation.

You can find our brochures at any Louisiana tourist center or ticket outlet, as well as at many area businesses. Or you can download and print one.
You can also pick up brochures at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival office; call before driving out.

The Renaissance Living History Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps ensure we remain an educational experience.  They also do demonstrations at area schools.  Find out more at  or find them on facebook

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The festival is awesome, and my kids are super wound up! Do you have a place where we can take a break?

Yes -- head for our Parent Rest Area, where kids and their parents can wind down from the sensory overload of the Faire. We have a play area, privacy for nursing mothers, changing facilities for our youngest patrons, and visiting performers to entertain our kids. We offer some craft times and some learning opportunities, with our play areas. This area is free of charge to our patrons, although we do ask that parents stay with their children. Look for the Children's Area on the festival map, or follow the signs to "Rhealm of the Child" -- we're at the end of Playford Lane, near the archery booth and Ordo Procinctus.

Does the RenFest have Field Trips?

Schools, Parents, and Students are welcome anytime we are open. In 2002 we relented to the relentless requests to provide a field trip opportunity for teachers and students. Every year since we have a few weekdays set aside for field trips. These "Student Days" are similar to our regular festival with modifications to improve the educational experience. Student Days are open to the week, specifically for Teachers and Students (including home schools). We open and close student days based on the time most schools open and close. We adopt the standard rules you expect to find at any school (no smoking etc). We also have also have additional guides and projects available for parents and teachers, to make the most of our educational content. For more information about school days click here.

RenFest "Student Days" are always between the second and third Saturday of November, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.

What can we get refunds on?

We are open rain or shine, so we do not give refunds for weather unless it is severe enough to close the entire faire. We will apply the cost of admission toward a season pass purchased the same day. If an event requires a reservation (like the tastings) we will not refund on the day of the event unless we can sell the reservation we were saving for you, or the event is canceled. Coins of the Realm are refunded the same year they were issued, through the last day of our season.

Do I have to wear a costume or speak with an accent?

Dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes. 
Costumes and accents are fun, but not required -- come as you are, or as you want to be!

We recommend you dress comfortably for the weather, and wear good walking shoes that work in outdoor terrain. That goes for costumes too -- comfort is important. Any costume is fine, but keep in mind that this is a family-friendly show. Speaking with an accent is purely optional; give it a shot, we appreciate the effort.

Children love to dress up, and we love to see them dressed up -- they can even wear their modern Halloween costume! 

Is the festival wheelchair-accessible?

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival is an outdoor festival on natural terrain. We have altered nature the best we can to make everything accessible and accommodate where nature doesn't reasonably bend to our will.

When our parking crew spots a handicap tag we direct that vehicle to the appropriate parking lot.  If we don't notice your accessibility tag, please feel free to point it out.  NOTE: We appreciate your help in Pointing out the need for handicap parking.   IF you prefer to be treated as everyone else please remove your tag before turning onto the gravel drive.

Please feel free to contact us If you have any ADA type questions, concerns, comments, about accessibility or accommodations. We appreciate the input for needed information that is not on our website.

Can I bring wagons, ice chests, food, drinks, etc.?

The simple answer: You can bring in anything that you need for safety that is not available at the festival (for example, you may bring in baby formula).

Wagons are allowed. You can bring in blankets to spread on the grass, but no outside food or drinks.

We reserve the right to inspect containers such as backpacks, large purses, baskets, and other containers.

Is it appropriate for small children?
Is it mainly for kids?
Would it be fun for adults?

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival is fun for ALL ages, and all combinations of ages. We are a large event with plenty of variety to interest you and everyone else (700,000+ square feet, over 16 acres); We have more than 65 shows every day, dozens of educational demonstrations, more than 100 shops, and dozens of villagers eager to talk with you.

Some shows are specifically for kids, such as the award-winning Hobgoblin Hill Puppets; and some are specifically for adults, like Christophe the Insultor. Our wine, beer and whisky tastings are only open to people 21 or older; but our Royal Tea is for all ages.

The vast majority of the RenFest is entertaining to everyone; For example: juggler Paolo Garbanzo is fun for kids, and adults find his show hilarious. The falconry demonstration appeals to people of all ages. Plan your day by looking at the shows listed on our website. Each show has a description, and a rating system similar to movie ratings. And remember, our demonstrations, rides and general atmosphere are fun for everyone!

Can I smoke at the festival? Can I use my cell phone?

Yes, smoking and cell phones are allowed. However, please be courteous.

Since we have not added designated smoking areas yet, please be mindful of those around you when lighting up.

We love it when you take photos and check in at the Renfest! We especially love it when you're involved and interacting with us - it's what we're all about. HOWEVER if you answer a call during a show... well, remember, you started it....

Can we bring our own alcohol? Can we take alcohol out of the faire?


We have pubs all around the village that sell beer, mead, wine and mixed drinks -- we are happy for you to purchase and enjoy them on site. We also offer tasting events for beer, wine and whisky, which are popular and fun gatherings.

But you may NOT bring alcohol onto the fair site.

Alcohol legally purchased at faire can be carried or consumed anywhere ON the faire-grounds. Sealed containers of alcohol purchased at faire can be taken out.

Renaissance festivals call their bathrooms "privy," even the porta-potties. We have put a handicap potty everywhere we have portables. Those in need of the handicap facilities get priority for their use, BUT the handicap facilities can be used by anyone if they are not in use AND no one in need of its "accessible" features is waiting. Those in need include people whose costumes take up too much space for a regular privy -- those wearing a hoop skirt, or excessive accouterments (swords, jacket, cloak, vest, cod piece, and more).

Can I bring my firearm to the Renfest?

The RenFest is most likely the safest festival in Louisiana.

We shoot cannons every day of faire, have an amazing fireworks display on closing weekend, and on our pirate weekend our Albright pirates have a black powder gun fight and hijack the barge.

We have an amazing armed security which includes dozens of actual police officers; everyone can feel safe at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. There is no need to bring your firearm, We do not permit Open Carry "firearms."  However, we do encourage open carry of swords, axes, straight bows, polearms, halberds, maces, and other Renaissance weapons (we can help you peace tie real weapons, at the front castle gate).




Can we get flush toilets at the Renfest?

In short, portable toilets are our only option.

The long answer: We would love to have an established septic system to tie into city sewage. We have worked with parish (county) sanitation inspectors, and US and Canadian civil engineers, to find a system that would work for us.

Basically, the only systems that can handle our volume of sewage have one of two critical problems: 1. They would be far too smelly. OR 2. They can't function properly. All effective systems need a large amount of live bacteria to break down sewage. Our 10 months of non-use kills most of the bacteria, making these expensive systems non-functional for several months (and not permitted by the sanitation department). While we have spent years looking at a multitude of options, and researching with the help of professionals, we do not have a reasonable option that can handle 50,000 people in six weekends.